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Designing an attractive room is a difficult task. A potential client who wishes to fit out a room usually has some expectations, but there is sometimes a problem with defining this in detail. As a result, for the customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase and the final effect of the interior design, they should first see and approve the design in a form, which is consistent with the expected final effect. This makes it necessary to cooperate with an architect who will work on the room visualisation. However, this is a costly service, which does not interest most customers due to the tight budget allocated to fitting out their room.

The above-mentioned problem is solved by a 3D design program, which makes it possible to create a three-dimensional design of a room’s furnishings in an easy and fast way. It is not necessary to hire an architect, as the design can be developed by a salesperson directly in the producer’s showroom and the customer can be presented with different selection variants for particular kinds of furniture, its colours, types of tiles, including several options for its use and arrangement.

Our offer includes 2 kinds of design programs:
  • dedicated design programs - programs designed exclusively for 1 (or more) individual producers, such a program has an interface in the producer’s corporate colour scheme as well as their logotype; while designing it is possible to use only the producer’s products or other products recommended by them, as the program is secured against the unauthorised importation of other producers’ product models.
  • versatile design programs - programs designed to be used by an individual user, the product base is open - it is possible to import product models.

Both program types have the following functions:

  • room shape creation
  • inserting additional and construction elements
  • adding furnishing elements - furniture, bathroom ceramics, lamps, etc.
  • tiling - covering the surface with chosen tiles - varied forms of tiling are available (including tiling whole walls, marked areas, rows, adding single tiles)
  • lighting installation and adjustment in the room
  • antialiasing
  • saving, opening and exporting the design
  • design cost estimation

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