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Multimedia presentations are presently one of the most effective means of advertising a company and products. It is a medium, which takes advantage of modern technologies that make it possible to combine such elements as text, graphics, animation, sound, video, for example and to encrypt them in a multimedia, interactive way on CDs.

A multimedia presentation
  • replaces standard forms of company advertising and presentation, such as folders, catalogues, etc.
  • makes it possible to enter an immense amount of information and immediately access to it, by using a multimedia interactive version
  • constitutes the basis for creating short advertising films, websites, multimedia kiosks, and multimedia business cards
  • constitutes effective sales support by including a product catalogue containing comprehensive information about a product or including additional application programs
  • can be applied in a number of areas of company promotion, e.g. trade fairs, conferences, training, TV, radio and many more.

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