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We invite you to become acquainted with the computing and media solutions offered by the Magit company, which may be a helpful tool for the policy of regional development and the modern system of information promotion within the local authority and offices of local government administration.

Our offer is mainly based on a multimedia presentation, whose versatile media features allows it to be applied in varied systems supporting the activities of local government offices. Another advantage of the multimedia presentation consists in the variety of information and material, which may be included as well as the wide range of opportunities as regards the form of its distribution.

Exemplifying forms of multimedia presentations designed for local authorities:
  • Multimedia presentation on a CD
    An interactive presentation promoting a local authority and fulfilling a marketing and informative function. It contains a wide scope of information about the history, culture, economy, administration, tourism in a region. It can also constitute an offer for investors. Foreign language versions - unlimited.
  • Multimedia business card
    (a CD cut out in the shape of a business card), containing a limited amount of audiovisual data due to limited capacity. Apart from information about a region it can also include personal information.
  • ”Autoroute” trade fair presentation
    An automatic demonstration – an automatically running presentation of the autoroute type, to be used at trade fairs, conferences or as display material of the slideshow type for illustrating a speech. The aim is to present the most important information in an accessible form. It can be an excellent setting for a meeting.
  • A multimedia presentation for, among other things, an information kiosk
    An interactive presentation fulfilling an information function, which is an effective means of communication with citizens. Ideally this is applied in institutions as an information point about the procedures for dealing with official administrative matters, the necessary documents, office hours, etc. It can also be an information point about a particular area, which provides tourist, hotel and traffic information.
Additional devices and applications for multimedia presentations
  • InfoKIOSK
    An information kiosk with an additional screen - it can contain a multimedia presentation or an internet site of a local authority. Apart from typical information functions, the kiosk can also perfectly play the role of a user-friendly terminal integrated with the computing system of an office. In the kiosk it is possible to make different data bases available to interested parties (e.g. in order to support retraining of the unemployed) and information indexes, as well as receive applications and forms directly in electronic form.
  • Interactive three-dimensional visualisation
    The interactive three-dimensional visualisation is an application, the concept of which is to represent actual facilities in a virtual form and provide tools that make it possible to visit and obtain information about particular elements. The possibility of publishing on CD-ROM or on the Internet site enables users to become familiar with a monument in detail without leaving their own home. The strongest advantage of this solution is the impression of reality and the ability to decide independently what we wish to see and what information we wish to obtain. Apart from presenting monuments the three-dimensional interactive visualisation is a perfect way of presenting buildings, premises for rent as well as sites designated for development.
  • Internet services
    Our offer covers all kinds of sites, from simple sites containing basic information, to advanced applications equipped with enhanced tools and information bases. We also offer help in selecting the best solution taking into consideration both the Client’s needs and the planned budget.

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